How do I print a UPS "End of Day" SCAN Form?

When you print UPS labels through ShipStation, there is no need to provide an “End of Day” report to your UPS driver. Likewise, you do not need to send UPS a PLD. ShipStation does all that for you.

All shipment information is sent to UPS (through their API) when each label is created. The bottom right-hand corner of each UPS label includes a package icon which indicates that the package has been pre-scanned. Drivers are not required to scan each package individually.

If your driver wants you to provide an End of Day form or your UPS rep wants to review your PLD file, just explain that ShipStation is a certified UPS partner and sends this information directly to UPS using their API.

If you would like to have a physical copy of the day's shipments, though, this can be produced by heading to Insights -> Reports -> Shipping Manifest. It won't be scannable, but you can use it to verify that you are sending out the correct packages. 

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