How can I manually enter tracking numbers into my orders?

If you're using a shipping application outside of ShipStation, such as UPS Worldship, you can manually insert tracking numbers for these orders.

First, click on the Orders tab, and select all the open orders for which you wish to manually paste in the tracking numbers. Now click on Other Actions, and then Mark as Shipped...

In the pop-up that follows, you're able to specify the tracking numbers for each order.

After pasting in your tracking numbers, you're also able to select the Ship Date and the Carrier.  Also, you can choose whether to notify either the customer or the marketplace (or both). (For some marketplaces, like Amazon, PayPal & Rakuten (, we are unable to notify the customer, and thus that option will be unavailable.)

You can also choose to select to set all options by clicking on one or more of the column headings highlighted below.

Once you've done all of the above, click Mark as Shipped!  

That's it! Now you've marked all of those orders as shipped by your chosen carrier(s) and possibly notified the customer or the marketplace, based on your selections above.

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