What are the icons in the top right?

As long as you're logged into ShipStation, these five icons will always be located in the top right of the web application.

Here's a quick overview of what each of these icons does:

Rate Calculator
Need a quick shipping rate? Click this icon to launch the calculator and get quotes after you plug in a few pieces of data. You can compare rates between carriers by clicking on the different tabs on the left side of the calculator tool. For more on the calculator, check out this dedicated support article.

Order Update
Every time you log into ShipStation, you'll want to click this icon to get up to date order information from your selling channel(s) and bring new orders into ShipStation. Over time, ShipStation can learn about your update habits and update for you automatically. For more on the auto-update feature, check out this support article.

My Profile
This icon gives you quick access to important user specific settings, like the password and email address associated with your username. You can also define your interface size and log out via this menu. Sometimes you'll see an alert symbol laid over this icon, in which case you'll have an option to access those user or generated alerts.

Get Support
Need help? This icon gives you easy access to our support center so that find helpful support articles, view your support case history, and open a new support case if needed. Silver level subscribers and higher will also have access to a Live Chat support option, active from 8 am to 8 pm Central time. It's also easy to show or hide an Interface Help layer as needed. And if you ever want to see what's been keeping our product team busy, check out our Release Notes for a history of our new features and improvements!

Account Settings
Add and configure print options, Ship From Locations, selling channels, shipping providers, users, and more. Achieve shipping nirvana by tailoring ShipStation to meet your business needs, and even using automation rules to streamline your fulfillment process.

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