Why aren't the tracking numbers in my export formatted correctly in Excel?

Do your tracking numbers look like this?


To fix this, please follow the steps below. These instructions were created using Excel 2013; if you have a different version, your screen and process may differ slightly. If you have trouble, you may need to contact Microsoft support for help on troubleshooting your particular version of Excel.

First, we need to open a new, blank worksheet in Excel. (NOTE: These steps only impact files that have not been opened. So be sure that you DO NOT open the file containing the tracking numbers. If you have, re-download the CSV and do not open it until finished with the steps below.)



Once you've done that, click the Data tab.


Here, select the From Text option in the Get External Data group.


Then select the desired CSV file. 


This will open up the import Wizard that will walk you through the import settings.


Click Delimited - Characters such as commas or tabs separate each field selected, then click Next.


On the next page, check both the Tab and Comma boxes. Make sure to look at the data preview to make sure your data has been separated correctly.  


Locate and highlight Shipment - Tracking Number, then change the Column Data Format to Text.   



Now, just click Finish and your file will be imported with the tracking numbers as the correct format.

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