How do I integrate SkuVault with ShipStation?

SkuVault's integration with ShipStation can push SkuVault Item Locations to ShipStation, providing packing slips with the location of the item on the order. The integration also offers order sync, which downloads orders from ShipStation to SkuVault. Please note, ChannelAdvisor users should not activate order sync, as this sync should happen through ChannelAdvisor directly, not ShipStation.

You'll need the API access keys from your ShipStation account. If you need to find them or generate them, check out this support article.

Once you've got those API access keys, follow the instructions below to connect SkuVault to ShipStation:

Within the SkuVault admin, hover over Admin then click Channel Accounts

Select ShipStation from the Account Type dropdown then click Create an Account

You should see a screen like this:

Enter Name (within SkuVault), API key, and API Secret (these are the keys that you'd copied from your ShipStation account).

For Location Sync Mode, select "On" to upload Item Locations from SkuVault to ShipStation

Then, select "On" next to Order Sync Mode to download orders from ShipStation to SkuVault. Please note, ChannelAdvisor users should set this option to "Off", because orders are downloaded from ChannelAdvisor to SkuVault directly.

Once finished, select Create New ShipStation Account

After the integration is complete, your ShipStation account will appear in the Channel Accounts list.

Wait about half an hour for the full sync to take place. The integration will pull data dating two weeks prior to setup, in addition to all new data.

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