How do I connect my marketplace's custom order statuses to ShipStation?

Some marketplaces provide custom order statuses that must be mapped to ShipStation's default order statuses. If you notice that orders are missing from ShipStation, be sure that the missing order's status is mapped appropriately in ShipStation.

Head to your Account Settings (the gear icon in the upper right).

Next, select Selling Channels and then Store Setup from the sidebar on the left.

Find your store, and choose the Edit link under Actions.

Remember, this is only available for shopping carts that support custom order status mappings. Under the "Store Information" sub-tab, find the "Your Order Statuses" section, and enter the custom status(es) from your marketplace that correlate to each ShipStation status.


Important Notes About ShipStation Order Statuses:

1. Awaiting Payment - Orders that are in this status cannot be shipped. Some marketplaces do not import unpaid orders into Awaiting Payment.

2. Awaiting Shipment - This status displays all open orders that need to be shipped. Enter any order status that you use to determine whether an order is ready for shipping.

3. Shipped - Orders in this status were either updated by the marketplace as shipped or were shipped by ShipStation. To confirm how this order was shipped, select the order, then click the Activity Log tab.

4. Cancelled - Orders in this status have either been updated as cancelled by the marketplace or cancelled within ShipStation. Please note that ShipStation updates orders as cancelled from your marketplace; however, if you cancel an order in ShipStation, it will not update back to your marketplace.

5. On Hold - Displays orders that have been manually placed "On Hold", because the item is on back-order, is partially fulfilled, etc. Orders can be taken out of on hold via the "Hold Until" date expiration, manual order status adjustment in ShipStation, or marketplace status update.

Shopping Carts that Support Custom Order Status Mappings:


Custom Store


Magento Community, Professional, Enterprise






Zen Cart


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