I have an Amazon Unified North America Account. How do I connect my Amazon.com and Amazon.ca stores to ShipStation?

An Amazon Unified North America Account lets you import your Amazon.com orders and Amazon.ca orders by selecting the Amazon.com selling channel.

However, you will still need to set up TWO separate stores in ShipStation under the same Amazon.com selling channel: one for your Amazon.com (US) orders and one for your Amazon.ca orders.

To start adding your Unified North America Account, simply follow the steps below.

1) First, go to http://developer.amazonservices.com and click the Sign up for MWS button.

2) Now, login with your Amazon Seller Account.

3) Now, choose I want to give a developer access to my Amazon seller account with MWS, and input the following information in the appropriate fields:

  • Developer's Name: ShipStation
  • Developer Account Number: 4289-4417-4486

4) Click the Next button, accept the license agreement, and click Next again.

5) Here, you'll be presented with codes for your Seller Seller ID and MWS Auth Token.

6) Leave this Amazon page open and go to ShipStation to connect an Amazon store.

Head to your Account Settings (the gear icon in the upper right).

Next, select Selling Channels and then Store Setup from the sidebar on the left.

Click +Connect a Store or Marketplace and select the Amazon.com selling channel.


7) Follow the connection instructions, and where it asks, paste the Amazon Seller ID and MWS Auth Token from your Amazon account into ShipStation. Then click Verify Seller ID.

8) Once that's verified, you'll need to choose an Amazon Order Source for this connection. Choose EITHER "Amazon.com" OR "Amazon.ca" and remember which one you picked! (You'll need that information later when you repeat this process in Step 10.)

Continue following the connection instructions.

9) After you click Connect, you'll set up your Store information, Customer Communication preferences, product handling, and service mappings. Save your changes and your orders will begin to import.

10) Repeat Steps 6-9 to add a second Amazon.com store. However, when you repeat step Step 8, choose the North American option you didn't choose last time in the Marketplace dropdown.

That's it! Once you have a store connection for your Amazon.com (US) orders and a separate store connection for your Amazon.ca orders, your Amazon Unified North America account will be set up in ShipStation!

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