What is the Rate Details (a.k.a. Cost Summary) screen?

When you press any 'Create Label' or 'Process Batch' buttons in ShipStation, an additional confirmation screen will display by default.

For example, here's a Rate Details screen shown after selecting an order and clicking 'Create Label':

The Rate Details screen provides a convenient way to:

  • Verify or change your shipping service selections
  • Make a one-time addition to funds in your USPS postage account
  • Override the Scheduled Ship Date for the shipment
  • Access and agree to the Shipsurance Terms and Conditions
  • Make a one-time addition to your Shipsurance balance
  • Create a test label for a USPS shipment
  • View shipping warnings that won't block you from creating a shipping label, but may influence your shipping decisions (More on this below) 

Here's an example Rate Details screen for a UPS order, with a common shipping warning shown:

This warning:

"Delivery is an additional $2.00 for domestic. Basic Tracking is included if you select Online"

...shows up on the Rate Details screen anytime a user selects a confirmation type of "Delivery" for a UPS shipment.

For some USPS shipments, the "Delivery" confirmation type is required to get a working tracking number; however, for UPS shipments the "Online" confirmation is both free and sufficient for a working tracking number. We've noticed that some shippers using both UPS and USPS unknowingly apply the "Delivery" confirmation type to UPS shipments that don't need it.

Basically, the warnings on the Rate Details screen help you to make informed decisions as you ship, but they won't block you from creating labels if you want to ignore them!

It's worth noting that experienced shippers tend to decrease their reliance on the Rate Details screen by doing the following:

  • Using a familiar set of shipping service selections, reducing the need for test labels or carrier-specific shipping warnings.
  • Setting up auto-purchase for a Stamps.com account or an Express 1 account.
  • Funding Shipsurance via Account Settings, prior to shipping orders
  • Adjusting their Shipping Cutoff time so as to roll the Scheduled Ship Date forward after a set time.

If you find that you don't really need the Rate Details screen when you're shipping orders, you can skip it by using our Quickship feature.

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