What is Quickship?

Quickship is a faster way to create shipping labels in ShipStation!

While it's enabled and active, a single click will trigger your shipping labels to process in the background. To see it in action, check out the short video below:

Quickship's speed comes from reducing the number of clicks and screens normally associated with the label creation process. For example:

  • It skips the screen that: reviews the rate details, allows for one-time postage purchase, overrides the scheduled ship date, and displays warnings that may influence your shipping decisions.
  • It routes label processing to the background via the Label Queue, so that you can ship order after order without all the related confirmation dialogs.
  • It consolidates recently created labels in the Label Queue, so that you have the option to print all of those queued labels in bulk rather than one at a time.
  • It can work with the Label Queue so that so that Quickshipped labels print out of your Connect-enabled printer as soon as they're done processing in the Label Queue.

Quickship is ideal for experienced shippers who are confident in their choice of shipping services, and who are also using other ShipStation features to maximize Quickship's value. Here are some of our recommendations:

  • Set up automatic funding of your Stamps.com USPS postage account.
  • Set your shipping cutoff time so that ShipStation automatically rolls the scheduled Ship Date forward after a certain time.
  • Configure your Label Queue so that Quickshipped orders print out once they're done processing, are automatically marked as printed, and/or are automatically archived to remove them from the Label Queue.
  • When trying out new carrier and service combinations, don't use Quickship right away. Get a sense for the kinds of shipping warnings that can come up for that carrier/service combination before you start Quickshipping.

Since Quickship is so fast and so powerful, you may not want it active all the time. It's easy to switch on or off while you're working with orders on the Orders tab-- just click the lightning bolt icon attached to any button that creates labels.

If you want to go a step further and block access to Quickship, then consider restricting access for specific users or disabling Quickship for your entire account.

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