How do I automatically send orders to a fulfillment provider like FBA or Shipwire?

Because ShipStation's so great at collecting orders from multiple selling channels, it's easy to send all of your fulfillment requests over to providers like Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or Shipwire with just a few clicks.

But, if you find yourself sending the same kinds of orders to a fulfillment provider in set patterns, you're in luck! You can create one or more automation rules to automatically send orders to either FBA or ShipWire, the moment those orders import into ShipStation.

Check out this example "Auto-Fulfill" Automation Rule, which you can modify according to your business needs.

Head to your Account Settings (the gear icon in the upper right).

Next, select Automation and then Automation Rules from the sidebar on the left.

Click the green + Create a Rule button.

In the new window, decide if you want to create a rule that applies to every order that imports into ShipStation, or just ones that match certain criteria. (In my example, I've started making a rule that detects orders that aren't going to Texas, where an Expedited service was requested during the checkout process.)

Then, click the Add an Action button and pick "Set Fulfillment Provider ..." from the list of actions. For the fields on the right, choose a fulfillment provider, specify a service, and check the box to "Automatically send fulfillment request to the fulfillment provider."

Don't forget to Save Changes! Repeat this basic process to make any automation rules you need for different fulfillment scenarios. Once you're all done, your future orders will get sent to your fulfillment providers automatically!

Please note: Because automation rules work on order-import, you'll still need to log in to ShipStation and update your orders if the auto-update isn't pulling them in as frequently as you'd like. Also, ShipStation doesn't have a way to split off portions of an order, so this feature may not be a good fit if you've been manually removing certain line items (such as coupon codes or items that are always fulfilled in-house) before processing fulfillment requests.

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