What is the Label Queue?

(This article refers to a feature that is enabled/disabled alongside Quickship.)

The Label Queue stores a user's most recently created single-labels and batches (Quickshipped or not), for easy access and printing from anywhere in the app.

Simply click the Label Queue icon in the top right to open the Label Queue.
(Alternatively, you can access the Label Queue as a layout pane widget on the Orders tab.)

The Label Queue will close itself if you navigate to a new page in the app, but you can pin it down to keep it open as you move throughout the app. Whether or not you have the Label Queue open, there'll be a small notification letting you know how many labels have been processed since the last time you checked.


Your newest label requests will be at the top. Note that you're limited to either the 10 most recent requests or only the requests from the past two days-- whichever amount is smaller.

Print Labels, Packing Slips, and Pick Lists via the links within each request, or check the boxes for multiple request and use the bulk Print action. Similarly, you can mark individual or multiple requests as printed, or clear them out of the Label Queue by archiving them.

If there's a problem during label creation or batch processing, the Label Queue makes it easy to respond by providing direct access to the Order Details screens corresponding to the failures. 

Within a request, click on the X Failed link, and then on the individual orders to try to resolve any issues within their respective Order Details screens. When done, close out of those Order Details screens and then click Retry all failures to reattempt your request.

Quickship-specific Settings for the Label Queue

The Label Queue has a few settings to alter how it interacts with Quickship. Check out these settings by clicking the small gear on the right side of the Label Queue. 

Here's a screenshot of the settings you should see:

If you enable all three settings and click Return to Queue, all of your Quickshipped labels can print out as soon as they're finished processing, then automatically mark themselves as printed, and finally auto-archive themselves to leave the Label Queue.

With a Connect-enabled printer, it's possible to request shipping labels and print them out in just one click!

Here are some additional details about the individual settings, in case you're interested:

  • Print labels immediately upon completion
    -Requires that you set a default print method for your labels.
    -The "Preview in Browser" method is not supported with this setting, because the preview screen is counter to Quickship's goal of reducing the number of screens and clicks. We recommend a Connect-enabled printer!
    -This setting affects orders that are shipped normally, in addition to Quickshipped orders.
  • Automatically mark as printed when labels are printed
    -By default, the "Mark as Printed" action is a manual process. Because ShipStation is not able to tell if a Print Job was actually successful or if it failed (due to software error, low ink, no paper, paper jam, etc.), ShipStation relies on your manual input to 'mark as printed.'
    -The idea behind this setting is, "When I print these labels in ShipStation, ShipStation can assume they came out of the printer just fine and thus mark those labels as printed."
    -Applies to Quickshipped orders only.
  • Automatically archive labels when marked as printed
    -Archiving label requests removes those entries from the Label Queue.
    -This setting is helpful for those who want to remove entries from the Label Queue as soon as they're marked as printed.
    -Applies to Quickshipped orders only.
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