What is the "Delivery Time" and where does it come from?

When using the Calculator or getting rates on orders, you might see a carrier-provided 'Delivery Time.'

Here's a screenshot of what that looks like in the Calculator, Order Details screen, and Order Sidebar:

Until recently, these delivery times would only display in our Calculator. With Holiday shipping deadlines approaching, we thought it would be helpful to give you easier access to this information!

Some carriers and services report delivery times as a number of days, but others report a specific date and time. But keep in mind that some don't report anything!

Again, these delivery times are provided by the carriers-- we're just displaying them for you. Check with your carrier to see if their 'Delivery Time' is an estimated time vs. an expected time.

*USPS First Class Mail International services may report a delivery time of '1-999 Days' when there is not a delivery estimate for us to show you.

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