How do I sync orders between ShipStation and Xero via Connex?

Connex is a third-party application that syncs orders between ShipStation and Xero. Invoices can be sent as Orders from Xero to ShipStation, then Tracking and Shipping information can be updated in Xero from ShipStation after labels are created. 

You can view this article and other related resources on the Connex internal site here

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Add an Order to Xero

To add an order to Xero, login to your Xero account. On the top menu, click Accounts, then select Sales. On the right, click New, and Create an Invoice

Sample Invocie in Xero: 

In about 15-20 minutes, the order should import into ShipStation. Check your transaction log by hovering over the gear, then select Transaction Log. If you want to export the order faster, go back to the configure page of Connex. Click Save, and Sync. 

Sample Invoice in ShipStation: 


Sync Tracking Numbers and Shipping Information from ShipStation to Xero

Go to the Configure page of Connex, then click the Xero Export tab. If you want to send tracking details back from ShipStation to Xero, check the Update Xero Tracking and Shipping checkbox. Click Save and Sync.

You should see updates in Xero within 10-15 minutes. Here is an example of an updated Xero order with tracking from ShipStation:


If you continue to have issues setting up your integration between Connex and ShipStation, please reach out to the Connex team at

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