How do I enable or disable the Quickship option for my entire account?

It's easy to toggle access to the Quickship option on an account-wide basis. (To restrict access to Quickship on a per-user basis, check out this support article.)

Our Quickship feature allows users to skip the screen with rate details and shipping warnings during the label creation process, but it's not for everyone. You may have business needs that require your users to review the Cost Summary Screen every time they ship an order.

Head to your Account Settings (the gear icon in the upper right).

Next, select Account and then Display Options from the sidebar on the left.

Once there, find the "General Preferences" section and set the Quickship to either "Enabled" or "Disabled" depending on your needs. Please note that if you disable Quickship this way, you will also disable the Label Queue.

Don't forget to Save Changes! You (and any other user on your account) will need to log out and back in to see the change reflected in the app.

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