How do I set up my inventory locations?

The first thing you need to know about setting up inventory locations is that you may not have to set them up! 

You have the option of adding stock to an "unspecified" location within an Inventory Warehouse-- which is a good fit if you just keep your stock in your garage and it doesn't really matter where.

But if your warehouse is broken down into aisles, rows, and bins, and if your warehouse locations look like B-24-7, then keep reading, because you have some work to do! =)

It’s a good idea to pre-define all possible places you keep inventory within a particular warehouse. (Psst… if you have a lot of SKUs and possible inventory locations, the Inventory CSV import method will save you time and clicks!)

Head to your Account Settings (the gear icon in the upper right).

Next, select Inventory Management and then Inventory Warehouses from the sidebar on the left.

On this screen, click on the Manage Locations link for an existing Inventory Warehouse.

In the top right of this new window, there’s a “Warehouse Layout” section that shows four dimensions by default: “Area,” “Unit,” “Shelf,” and “Bin.” If you need less complexity, click the small arrow next to the dimensions to toggle anywhere between one and four dimensions.

Eventually, this window will list all possible Inventory Locations for that warehouse. The columns on that list will adjust based on the layout you selected.

Now that your Warehouse Layout is in place, click Add Location.

Simply enter the location information and Save.

Repeat this manual process for any locations you need to add. And remember, you have the alternative of specifying locations during a CSV stock import!

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