How do I get my Account Number, API Key and API Secret from Australia Post?

If you have already registered for the Shipping and Tracking APIs with Australia Post and have your Account Number, API Key and API Secret, please see the article here to connect your account to ShipStation.

The following instructions explain how to register and access the Australia Post Shipping and Tracking APIs so you can connect your account with ShipStation!

NOTE: To use this integration, you will need to have an Australia Post Business Credit Account and a Parcel Contract. If you are not yet an account or contract customer, please email to indicate your interest. In your email, please mention that the digital platform you are using is "ShipStation".

Please follow the steps below to obtain your Australia Post credentials required to connect to ShipStation. 

1. Go to the Australia Post Developer Centre, create an account and register your interest for the Shipping and Tracking APIs.

2. Next, you should receive an API invitation email. Click the link to accept the Terms and Conditions.

3. Log into the Developer Centre and create a new project against your organisation. Your project allows you to create API keys which automatically link to your Australia Post Account.

4. Create an API key and secret against your project then enable your Digital Business Services: Label Printing, Lodge, Print as you go, Product Pricing, and Tracking. 

5. Follow the instructions in the article here to connect your Australia Post account to ShipStation. 

If you have trouble with the above steps, please contact Australia Post at

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