What does the setting "Enable Inventory Tracking" do?

When you enable Inventory Tracking, that tells ShipStation to "start counting!" 

It's the last step in the basic set up process for our native Inventory Management solution.

Once you enable it, you'll be able to reserve available stock to your orders. And as you ship those orders, we'll reduce the stock levels accordingly!

You can toggle the Inventory Tracking setting by following these steps:

Head to your Account Settings (the gear icon in the upper right).

Next, select Inventory Management and then Inventory Settings from the sidebar on the left.

On this screen,Enable Inventory Tracking is near the bottom. Slide it to Enabled when you're ready for ShipStation to start the "counting" your native inventory.

Basically, it's like telling ShipStation "Hey, I've got everything inventory-related all set up. Start counting for me!" If you ever want ShipStation to "stop counting" and deallocate any allocated orders, then set the option to Disabled until you're ready to turn it back on.

Enabled or disabled, don't forget to Save Changes if you made any adjustments!

Please note that if you enable this setting before completing the basic set up process, you'll likely get a bunch of warnings and errors about not having any stock.

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