How do I request a USPS pickup?

If you have a account connected to ShipStation, you can request a free USPS pickup for the next USPS shipping day (Monday through Saturday)! 

*Please note, certain Post Office locations do not support Saturday pickup, so a pickup request placed on Friday would be scheduled on Monday for these locations. Please reach out to your local Post Office to confirm their pickup hours.

Request a USPS Pickup

Click on the Shipments tab.

Next, select Pickup from the sidebar on the left.

If you have more than one Ship From Location, you'll need to choose a specific one from the sidebar.

You should see a pickup form like this:


Some parts of the form should already be filled out.

  • The "Number of pieces" and "Total Weight" are based on all USPS shipments with a scheduled Ship Date matching the pickup date (i.e. USPS shipments with the next day's Ship Date).
  • The name on the "Pickup Address" comes from the name in your My Profile settings.
  • The address portion of your "Pickup Address" comes from your Ship From location.
  • Please note that you can't manually adjust the pickup date, since it'll always be for the next USPS shipping day.

While the pickup date and street address are fixed, you can adjust other values as needed!

Select a pickup location (such as "Front Door," "Mail Room," "Reception," etc.) and if needed, include any special instructions relevant to the pickup. However, you won't be able to specify a time, since the pickup will be part of your regular delivery.

When you're ready, click Request Pickup. It's as simple as that!


View a Scheduled Pickup Request

To view a submitted pickup request, just head to the Shipments tab, click on Pickup from the sidebar on the left (also, choose the correct Ship From Location if you have more than one) and review what you've submitted.

You have until 2:00 AM Central Time on the Pickup Date to cancel/resubmit a pickup request. Once that time passes, you can view a read-only reminder of that day's pickup. Here's what that looks like:

Underneath the read-only reminder, you can request a USPS pickup (or cancel a request) for the next business day.


Cancel and/or Resubmit a Pickup Request

If you need to cancel and/or change your pickup request, you have until 2:00 AM Central Time on the Pickup Date to do so. Just head to the Shipments tab, click on Pickup from the sidebar on the left (also, choose the correct Ship From Location if you have more than one), and click Cancel Request.

And if you plan to resubmit, make your edits and re-request the pickup!

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