How do I restart ShipStation Connect to update the program?

Restarting ShipStation Connect is a quick way to make sure you're using the latest version of the Connect application. It'll also help ShipStation identify and use your connected devices, if you're troubleshooting.

Follow the directions below:

To update ShipStation Connect on Windows machines:

      1. Right-click > Exit the Connect icon from the bottom right system tray area.
      2. If the application will not exit from the app icon, CTRL+ALT+DELETE > locate the nw.exe process > Right-Click > End Task.
      3. Then, locate and run the application under Start > Program Files > ShipStation Connect or Startup
      4. If you continue seeing connectivity issues after the above steps, navigate to Control Panel > Program and Features > Select ShipStation Connect and click Uninstall/Change > In the menu prompt, select Remove Application.
      5. Open File Explorer > in the address bar type %localappdata% > hit enter
      6. Find the ShipStation Connect folder and right-click > Delete it
      7. Re-download ShipStation Connect from ShipStation Account Settings > Printing > ShipStation Connect and install again

On Macs:

      1. Click Connect (gear) icon > Exit from the upper right menu bar.
      2. Then, search for the "Connect" in Spotlight (magnifying class in the upper right).
      3. If you are unable to exit out of Connect from there, search for Activity Monitor through the Spotlight search
      4. Once open, search for ShipStation Connect in the upper right search box
      5. Click on ShipStation Connect > Click the stop sign symbol in the top left of the Activity Monitor window.
      6. If you continue seeing connectivity issues after the steps above, go into Finder, hold the "Option" key and click the "Go" menu, then hit "Library."
      7. Inside of there there's a folder called `Application Support`. Inside that folder is the same `ShipStation Connect`
      8. Delete that Folder
      9. Download the Connect installer from ShipStation Account Settings > Printing > ShipStation Connect and re-install ShipStation Connect

If you continue running into issues with ShipStation discovering your connected devices, a computer restart might be required.

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