What is a package set?

Some orders, or even some of your items, may not fit into a single box, so we make it really easy to create a multiple package shipment for the carriers that support it. If you regularly enter the same multi-package details over and over, consider using a "Package Set" to apply those details using with fewer clicks.

A package set is a combination of component packages that can include:

  • The number of component packages
  • Dimensions for each component package
  • A weight for each component package
  • An insured value for each component package

At this time, custom values can't be saved for the component packages' "Description" fields. Those fields will populate with Package #1, Package #2, Package #3, etc.

In the screencapture below, notice how applying a package set fills out the details for its three component packages.

Package sets are applied and managed from this "Ship Multiple Packages" window only. Save new package sets using the checkbox and text field at the bottom of that window.

You won't be able to edit existing package sets, but you can delete saved package sets by clicking on the "Apply Package Set" menu and clicking the blue X icon associated with a package set.

Once deleted, the name will be freed up for use with a new package set.

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