How do I connect my MailChimp account to ShipStation?

ShipStation can automatically create new MailChimp email subscribers when new orders are imported into your ShipStation account. 

The following subscriber data will be created or updated with any MailChimp list you prefer:

  • Email address
  • First & last name
  • Last Order Date (a new subscriber field)
  • Last Order Amount (a new subscriber field)
  • Marketplace(s) from which the Customer has ordered (a new subscription group)
  • Store Name from last purchase (a new subscriber field)
  • Zipcode (a new subscriber field)
  • City (a new subscriber field)
  • State (a new subscriber field)
  • Country Code (a new subscriber field)

Head to your Account Settings (the gear icon in the upper right).

Select Integrations and then Integration Partners from the sidebar on the left.

When you see the list of Integration Partners, click the MailChimp tile, scroll to the bottom of the new screen, and then click the green Login to MailChimp button.

Enter your MailChimp Username and Password.

Once you Log In, you'll be redirected back to ShipStation where you can choose one or more MailChimp lists that will be populated with subscriber information as new orders import into your ShipStation account.

Once you've made your selections, click Update Select Lists. Going forward, as a new order imports, ShipStation will automatically create a new email subscriber in each MailChimp list you selected!

  • It may take several minutes for your initial subscriber information to populate on your list(s). 
  • Please note that at this time, we are unable to create subscriber information within MailChimp using your historical customer information. We can only do this for customers on orders that import after you updated your list selections.
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