How do I connect ecomdash to my ShipStation account?

To connect ecomdash to your ShipStation account, you need to access your API Key & Secret within ShipStation. If you're not sure how to do that, check out this support article.

Once you have your ShipStation API Key & Secret, head to your ecomdash account.

When you've logged in, click on Administration in the lefthand sidebar, and then Settings.


On this "Settings" page, click 

Then look for the "ShipStation Integration" section and enter your ShipStation API Key & API Secret into the appropriate fields.

After you've filled-in these two fields, click Generate Key. Information will show up in the "Integration Key" field, but you won't need to do anything with it.

Simply click Save and your accounts will be linked and you'll start seeing your ecomdash Inventory in ShipStation!

Now that you've completed this setup, you can see ecomdash inventory levels within ShipStation while you're shipping orders. To set this up, edit one of your Ship From Locations to use ecomdash as an "Inventory Source", for more detailed setup instructions, here's a dedicated support article.

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