How do I get started with ShipStation? (UK)

Howdy from all the way in Austin, TX! Getting started with ShipStation is easy--we’ll get you going from zero to ship in no time. But you may run into a few differences here and there. For example, ShipStation uses American English; so you might see “package” instead of “parcel”. If you have questions or concerns, just contact Support and we'll gladly help. We look forward to helping you get ship done!

Quick Setup

These instructions will have you shipping right away:

  • Set up Your Stores, Carriers, and Printing Format
    Add a selling channelconnect your carrier accounts to ship your parcels (referred to as “packages” in the States) and choose a print format as either 4"x6" thermal labels or 8.5"x11" sheets. These are easy to set up from a new account's Welcome tab or in your Account Settings (the gear icon in the top right).
  • Enter Your Ship From Location
    Connected carriers need your origin address to return accurate rate quotes and your return address to display on the shipping label. An origin address and return address are saved in a pair called a "Ship From Location".

That's all you need to make a label, but there are plenty more features to try out. For recommendations, check out this support article.

Shipping Orders

These steps represent day-to-day workflow for most of our users:

Getting Help

When you need help, we've got you covered:

  • In-App Help
    The Support Resources icon (the 'encircled question mark' icon in the top right) provides access to page-relevant support articles, our support center, and our LiveChat feature, available from 8 am GMT to 5 pm GMT for Silver-level plans and above.
  • Our Support Center
    Get to our Support Center using the in-app menu or via All of our knowledge base articles (KBs) are easily browsable and searchable here-- try searching our KB for keywords like "USPS" or "pick list." It also has links to our blog, customer forums, videos, webinars, and product feedback forums.
  • Reaching Out
    Your Account Manager is a great resource to help you set up, and their email address and phone number were forwarded to you when you signed up for a ShipStation account. But if something's not working right, get an example ready (screenshots never hurt) and contact our Support Team via support case or LiveChat.
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