How do I use ShipStation Connect to print to another workstation?

A major advantage of ShipStation Connect is that you are able to print from your workstation (the term for where your computer, printer, and other connected peripheral devices like scanners and scales) to different users' workstation that are on your ShipStation account.

*Before we move on, make sure that you have Connect installed on the printer that is being printed to. This can be done by following these steps for either a Mac or a PC

So let's say you are at the Office Workstation and you need to print to your company's warehouse workstation. 

To start, head to your Warehouse Workstation and login using that workstation's credentials. (Two sets of user credentials will be required for this as it will require ShipStation being run simultaneously on both computers.)

On this Warehouse Workstation, login to Connect using the Warehouse credentials. (You need to login with the username that is used on the Warehouse Workstation's web app as it will ultimately be the Warehouse Workstation's web app that will be communicating with Connect.)

Next, head to the Connect settings (located under the Printing tab on the Settings page) and click the Shared button for each printer that the Office Workstation will be used. In this example, I'm printing to the Zebra ZP 500 so it's the one I've shared. (If you don't plan to use the other printers, you can click the Disabled checkbox for those printers). 

Now, return to the Office Workstation and login to the ShipStation web app. 

When you generate the labels from this Office Workstation, you'll see the shared Zebra as an available printer. 


The label will now print out from the Warehouse Workstation! Repeat these steps on any workstation that needs to be printed to and Connect will take care of the rest! 

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