How do I print out my lists of Barcode Scan Actions?

With the addition of Barcode Scan Actions and Advanced Hotkeys, you're going to need to print them out to scan them. If you head over to the Reports section of the ShipStation Insights tab we have three dedicated reports available for just this purpose. 

Select Reports from the sidebar on the left.


Barcode Scan Actions
There are two reports that you can download and print out your Barcode Scan Actions. These allow you to scan barcodes that function the same way as your Hotkeys.
Barcode Scan Action Report

The first of these is the Barcode Scan Action Report.

This report will give you the complete list of barcodes available. This includes the General, Custom Shipping Presets, Shipping Orders, Printing Documents, and Navigation barcode types. You can also include or exclude the hotkeys for each barcode as desired. 

Barcode Scan Action Quick Reference Sheet

The other report is the Barcode Scan Action Quick Reference Sheet.

It lets you set up a PDF of the specific barcodes of your choice. For instance, you may want to have a combination of navigational and shipping barcodes. You can also include your Shipping Presets on this report.  

This report section also includes the Hotkey Reference Sheet. You can use this print out a custom list of your Hotkeys.
Hotkey Reference Sheet

Select the blank value to run the report for both Basic and Advanced hotkeys. It will give you the option to view the list by clicking Run Report and it can be downloaded for printing with the Export to PDF option. (You can also view the full list of keyboard shortcuts here.)


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