How do I remove an Inventory Warehouse?

Since an Inventory Warehouse is connected to many other areas of ShipStation, it is necessary to remove all attached Inventory Stock, Inventory Source, and Warehouse Locations. Once these three things are taken care of, your warehouse can be deleted!

Remove Inventory Stock

All products with any stock level tied to an Inventory Warehouse must also be removed in order for an Inventory Warehouse to be removed.  

Locate the Product Detail for the item(s) with this Inventory Warehouse, and click under the Actions column and set the total quantity to "0". 

Remove as Inventory Source for Ship From Location

First, make sure that this location is not linked as an Inventory Source for a specific Ship From Location. 

Click on the Products tab.

Here, remove the Inventory Source from the Ship From Location.


Delete Warehouse Locations

Any Warehouse Locations tied to the Inventory Warehouse must also be deleted. (This will also be done on the Inventory Warehouses settings). 


Head to your Account Settings (the gear icon in the upper right).

Next, select Inventory Management and then Inventory Warehouses from the sidebar on the left.

Here, you'll want to remove any Warehouse Locations from the Inventory Warehouse. Click Delete for any Warehouse Locations. Once done, close out of the popup.

 Remove Inventory Stock

Now that nothing is connected to this Inventory Warehouse, click Delete and your Inventory Warehouse will be removed!


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