How do I connect ShipStation with QuickBooks Online?

Head to your Account Settings (the gear icon in the upper right).

Next, select Integrations and then Integration Partners

On the page that appears, select QuickBooks Online.

Now, click Login to QuickBooks

You will then be redirected to QuickBooks Online to authenticate your account. Enter your QuickBooks Online Email or User ID and Password then click Sign In. At the next page, click Authorize to allow ShipStation access to your QuickBooks Online account.


Once Authenticated, you will be redirected back to ShipStation. You can now begin configuring your account.

Select your Assets and Income accounts if you’ve selected to send Sales Receipts. Invoices will default to your Accounts Receivable account.


You can choose to allow ShipStation to create Sales Receipts for Shipped Orders from All Stores or Select Specific Stores whose Shipped Orders will submit to QuickBooks Online.

In order for ShipStation to pass the Tax Paid dollar amount collected by the marketplace to the corresponding Sales Taxes field in QBO, we must reference an already-created Tax Agency from your QBO account. Select a Tax Agency from the Default Tax Rate dropdown, or map and add any state-specific agencies by selecting +Add State Tax Rate. State taxes will be mapped based on the recipient's state for the order.


On the next page, select the Date Range for the Shipped Orders you want to send to your QuickBooks Online account. ShipStation will create Sales Receipts in Quickbooks for Orders that are in the Shipped status. Each order will be processed once and only once. Once a date range is selected, click Process Transactions to begin.



You will then see a progress bar as your Shipped Orders are synced with QuickBooks Online. You can leave this page as the transactions are processing.

Once completed, you can check the History tab to verify the transactions submitted successfully.

And that’s it! Your Shipped Orders will now appear as Sales Receipts or Invoices in your QuickBooks Online account. 


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