How do I launch the Branded Tracking Page for each of my stores?

While you are able to set up the Branded Tracking Page's account-wide settings, you will also need to enable the Branded Tracking Page on each of your stores that will use it. You may also want to make each store's tracking page individualized. To customize the tracking pages on a per-store basis, follow the steps below!


Head to your Account Settings (the gear icon in the upper right).


Next, select Selling Channels and then Store Setup from the sidebar on the left.

Click Edit beside each store you want to configure a unique Branded Tracking Page for your store.


Now head to the Tracking Page tab and be sure to click Branded Tracking Page for each store that will be using the Branded Tracking Page instead of the Carrier Tracking Page. 


Now head to the Branding tab and check the box for Override default tracking page settings. This will allow your unique settings on the store level to apply to the branded tracking page. This is also where you will fill in the company's information that will display on the Tracking Page. 


Also, to display the store's logo, check the boxes for Show Store Logo. If you wish to use custom stores that align with your store's branding, they can be set up in the Custom Colors section. 


Check the box Show Social Media Links if you want to be able to link customers to your social media pages. You can also include additional links if you wish to further advertise your brand! This will also be where you can choose to display your Return Policy and Contact Us info.  


Lastly, you can chose to show a variety of order details once you check the box Show Order Details.


Click Preview Changes to see how it looks. And once you're satisfied, click Save Changes!


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