Why is ShipStation Connect not communicating to my printer? (Mac)

ShipStation Connect is a continuously-running program. The same way ShipStation acts as a hub between your selling channels and shipping providers, ShipStation Connect is the hub between ShipStation and your printers. For this to properly work, the username used in ShipStation on a given workstation will need to also be used in ShipStation Connect. Even if you are printing from one computer to another, the computer the printer is connected to will need to be logged in with the same credentials in both ShipStation's web app and ShipStation Connect. Once you've located where ShipStation Connect is located in your Applications folder, make sure that it is running. Once you've ensured that it is running, follow the steps below.

To re-activate Connect on a Mac:

  1. First, make sure that the same username used to login to ShipStation is also used to login to ShipStation Connect. Click the Connect icon in righthand side of your computer's menu bar. 
  2. On the ShipStation Connect popup, click De-activate this computer and log in with your ShipStation credentials.

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