How do I set up the Branded Tracking Page?

ShipStation’s Branded Tracking Page gives your customers the unique experience of seeing a map that tracks their shipment, as well as being able to see the product details of the items being shipped to them! And this is all done with unique branding for your company! 

This article goes over the steps for setting up the Branded Tracking Page in your account. Once you have it set up, you will then head to this article to enable the Branded Tracking Page on each of your account's stores that will be utilizing this feature. Additionally, you will be able to set up the further branding for each of your stores' branded tracking pages by following the steps outlined here! (Keep in mind, this 

Here's what the finished Tracking Page will look like! 


Regardless of the carrier or service used to create a shipment, the tracking page will look the same. Only the carrier information will be different. To enable and set up this feature, follow the steps below! 

Head to your Account Settings (the gear icon in the upper right).

Now click Branded Tracking Page on the lefthand side and click on Tracking Page Default

You'll want first check the box to display your store logo (which will display in the top lefthand corner of the screen) as well as fill in the custom colors for the Status Bar, Title Text, and Map Marker. (Keep in mind that Logo, Social Media Links, and most of Show Service Menu's information is controlled in the Branding tab.) 


Next, if you've linked FaceBook, Twitter, and/or Instagram, check the box for Show Social Media Links.

Check the box for Show Service Menu if you want to display contact information for your company on this page. If you sell on multiple websites, select Website to show a store's unique website. Additional Links is a good way to customize any of your promotional items or current deals. Also, this is the section where the Return Policy and Contact Us information is configured.  


Lastly, choose which of the order details' components will be displayed or hidden in the Show Order Detail section. 

This information is collapsable in the Branded Tracking Page, and can be accessed by clicking View the Details of your order...


Click Preview Changes to see what your ShipStation Branded Tracking looks like! 

Now head here to learn how to enable and make any customizations to each store's branded tracking page settings! 

*The Branded Tracking Page will still link out to the carrier's tracking page if you click on the hyperlinked tracking number. And this feature currently is only available for domestic shipments within the US and will not work for fulfillments made within ShipStation. 

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