How can I contact ShipStation Support?

ShipStation was developed around one central concept: To ship more quickly and efficiently.

When something stands in the way of you shipping, our main goal is to get it fixed so you can start shipping again. For our team to best investigate and resolve your issue in the quickest, and most thorough way possible, we don't currently offer inbound phone support. 

Through submitting a support ticket or by hopping into chat with us, and giving us a description of the issue you're seeing, we're able to quickly locate your account through your email address and investigate your issue. Once ready, we'll gladly reach back out to you over the phone to go over any issues and we'll get the issue resolved!

There's a few reasons we decided against offering inbound phone support.

  • Quickest access to your account! Through a support ticket or chat, we can best locate the information associated with your account through the information we have in our records. This will also allow us to immediately view any past cases of yours that may be related to your current issue as well as look through any order feeds and error logs. 
  • A picture is worth a thousand words! Being able to see the issue greatly speeds up the process, so if you submit a screenshot or video in your initial ticket, it can save a lot of time in isolating your issue for us to most quickly reach a solution. Jing is a great free product that allows you to take screenshots and screencast videos!
  • Waiting through hold-music in a phone queue is the worst! Working through a chat queue or an ticket queue is the quickest way for us to reach as many users as we can. Definitely leave your phone number, though, and we'll reach out to discuss your issue, concerns, or anything else!   

How to contact ShipStation:

There are a few different ways for you to contact ShipStation support. 

  • You can submit an support ticket through your Help Portal


  • Silver-level plans and higher (as well as Trial users) can reach out to us over chat. To access chat, head to the help icon in the upper righthand side of the ShipStation interface.


         And from the dropdown, click Chat with Support.


  • If you are on an Enterprise-level plan, you will be able to schedule a call with an Enterprise Support member. Also from the help icon, click Schedule a call.

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