What are the capabilities of the QuickBooks Online Integration?

QuickBooks Online is a great way to keep track of your transactions for your eCommerce businesses. ShipStation now offers a free integration that allows you to send your order information from ShipStation to QuickBooks Online. Please see below for the available features of the QuickBooks Online integration. If you are looking for help connecting your account, please open the article here

  • Sends Shipped Orders from ShipStation to QuickBooks Online as Sales Receipts or Invoices.
    • You’ll have the ability to choose the Asset Account to which Sales Receipts will be recorded.
    • Invoices will automatically be recorded to your Accounts Receivable Account.
    • The Order Number from ShipStation will stored in the Memo Field on the Sales Receipt or Invoice.
    • Sales Receipts and Invoices from ShipStation will be identified with an “SS-” prefix followed by a Unique OrderID.
  •  Selects which Stores in ShipStation will transmit information to QuickBooks Online.
    • ShipStation will send orders from all connected stores by default. However, you can select which  stores transmit information. Orders must be manually submitted through the QuickBooks Online Process Orders page.
    • This is optimal, as it can avoid duplicates if you have selling channels connected to QuickBooks Online directly.
  •  Sends products from orders to map to/create new non-inventory product record within QuickBooks.
    • Searches for existing record by SKU. If matching SKU is found, it is mapped to QBO product.
    • If the SKUs does exist/match, the product name in QBO matches product record.
    • If Name exists and SKU is empty, update QBO product with SKU.
    • If Name exists and SKU is not empty, QuickBooks creates a new product record with "SS-" prefix to Name and populate the SKU.
    • If product in ShipStation contains no Name, populate the Name and SKU field in QBO with the SKU.
  • Sends Recipient Information, and creates New Customers in QuickBooks Online if they don't already exist.
    • ShipStation will identify the customers using the Email on the associated order. If the customer cannot be found in your QuickBooks Online account, ShipStation will automatically create a new customer record.


  • Sends Sales Tax information from your Shipped orders.
    • ShipStation will use the recipient address to match the Sales Tax one or more Tax Agencies of your choosing. Please note you must have a Tax Agency already configured before it can be selected. 
  • Populates Shipment information including Ship Date, Tracking Number, Carrier and Shipping Charged at checkout to your Sales Receipts or invoices in QuickBooks Online.
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