What are the Customer Engagement reports?

The Customer Engagement page allows you to see how frequently your customers visit various branded content for your business that they purchased from. Links to your brand's social media pages that you've set up in the Branded Tracking Page will help to bring the numbers of these visits up! 

To locate this information, click on the Customer Engagement section on the Insights tab. 

In the upper lefthand side of the page, you can view all or select to view a specific store's customer engagement for a specific date range. 

Shipment Notification Emails is the first graph. This shows how many of your shipment notification emails are sent from ShipStation, successfully delivered, opened, and the number of opened emails that had a Clicked Link, be it your brand's Instagram account or the tracking link. 


Delivery Notification Emails shows the same information, but in regards to the emails sent upon delivery of the shipment. 

The bottom row concerns information regarding the Branded Tracking Page. The first graph on this row reflects how many of your customers viewed the Branded Tracking Page from their confirmation emails.


Lastly, you can see how many of the links were clicked from within the Branded Tracking Page. The available information shows how many viewed your website from the tracking page, reached back out to you via email, and how many customers went to your FaceBook, Twitter, or Instagram pages.



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