How do I edit an ODBC store's settings?

(This article refers to a feature that is currently being previewed by certain users. If you're interested in joining this feature's preview group, please reach out to our support team. We'll follow up when the preview group is expanded!)

*ShipStation ODBC is an advanced tool that connects ShipStation to an existing ODBC database. If you are not the developer that set up your database, it is advised that you not attempt to make this connection. Please confer with your IT adviser to see if this would be the best fit for your business's needs. 

If you are the developer/system admin in charge of setting up this ODBC database: As with any other major configuration, we highly advise backing up all necessary data before proceeding with connecting your ODBC database to ShipStation.

If you need to edit the mappings for an existing ODBC store, locate the ShipStation ODBC icon. If the program is running, it will be located in the background programs area on the system tray. Right click the ShipStation ODBC icon and click Settings.

Click on the store that needs to be updated and click Edit.

The Edit Store modal will appear next. From here, select the source data or mappings you wish to update. The 

When editing, the modal will look the same as when you set up the mappings. 

Once done, click Save on each Modal that you have edited.

When you're done completely, click Done


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