How do I preview labels prior to printing or print them via PDF?

If you would like to preview your labels or save them to your computer, the options to preview in browser or download as PDF are available. First, you'll need to change the default print method to reflect the option you want to use. 

If you preview in browser, it will display on a popup first. From there, you will be able to click the preferred print method. 

Always Prompt will ask you to select the preferred method each time you print.

Preview in Browser will display the PDF in a popup in ShipStation. If you wish to then download the label, you can do so by clicking the Save as PDF button. 

If you wish to print from the preview window, click the printer icon in the top right of the popup.

On the popup that appears, select the connected printer that you wish to print to and click Print once everything is correctly configured. (Make sure that the Paper Size is set to the proper size.)

Download a PDF will download the labels directly to your computer. The print screen will show up the same as the one above for both Preview in Browser and Download a PDF. 

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