Can I view USPS rates as soon as I open a ShipStation trial?

Yes! Once you sign up a new ShipStation trial account, you may not be ready to start shipping immediately. You may just want to get used to the new rates you'll receive with your new ShipStation trial. 

Within ShipStation, you can view these USPS rates through within the Rate Calculator, when creating labels, and when making a test label. The rates you see in these will be the rates you will receive if you sign up for a Single Account Solution through ShipStation.

To sign up for a account, simply click on a Create Label button anywhere within the interface. This can be done on the Rate Calculator or in the Ship Label modal.

Here's how this process will look: 

On the popup that appears, click Add Funds and Create Label

Now, you'll be able to create a test label to see how the label looks, or you can go on and set up a account. 

Now, choose if this is a new account or an existing account and click Next

On the new popup that appears, fill out the information and you'll be ready to ship done as soon as you click Create Free Account!


As long as you have an active ShipStation, this account's monthly fees will be covered. 

If you have an existing account, you will be able to get it attached by selecting I already have a account. If this account is not a specialized account with negotiated rates, you will be able to have your account converted to the $0 per month plan.

If your existing account contains negotiated rates, though, you will be able to configure the settings on the connected account to use your specific rate table. 

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