Why are connected devices disappearing from ShipStation Connect (Windows)?

On your Windows computer, you may have devices directly connected via the computer's USB port but they still aren't showing up or they disappear from the available devices when printing or getting a weight reading from the scale. A common reason for this is that the USB port is on an energy saving mode. In order to correct this to work with ShipStation Connect, you will need to disable this setting.

First, make sure that Connect is up and running and that the USB device is not plugged in through a USB hub, but is in fact directly connected to the computer's USB port

To get started, head to your computer's Control Panel and click on System and Security

On the page that appears, click Power Options

Now, on your computer's Power Plan page that comes up, click Change plan settings

On the plan settings page, click Change advanced power settings

On the Power Options popup, expand USB Settings, then expand USB selective suspend setting. Now, set On battery and Plugged in to be Disabled. Then click Apply to save the changes.

After you set this up, your connected devices should show up. 

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