How do I connect my GeekSeller account to import orders?

To Connect your GeekSeller account to ShipStation and pull in your orders, you will need to have both your ShipStation account and GeekSeller accounts logged in and opened as you will need to enter information from both platforms into the other. 

Within your GeekSeller admin panel, click on Extensions at the top of the page and select ShipStation

1. The first step on the page that appears is to select which nodes you want to be imported into ShipStation. 

2. Next, go into your ShipStation API Settings tab and copy/paste your API Key and Secret into the box for Step 2 within GeekSeller. (If you have not generated your API Key and Secret, click here for further instructions.)

3. GeekSeller uses both an API and an XML connection with ShipStation, so after you enter your API information, go to Step 3 and copy your XML Username and XML password. This will need to be pasted into GeekSeller connection modal within ShipStation.  

4. If you want to enable the automatic submission of orders to ShipStation, check the box in Step 4. Otherwise, the orders will only be transmitted when the order refresh is triggered manually or by ShipStation's periodical automatic store refresh.

Click Save ShipStation Configurations and go to ShipStation. 

5. In ShipStation, head to the Store Setup tab and locate GeekSeller from the options. In the setup modal, enter the XML Username and XML password copied from GeekSeller.  

Click Connect and your orders will begin importing into ShipStation from GeekSeller!


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