Quickstart Print Test Label

Explains how to print a USPS test label to ensure your printer is configured correctly before you purchase a label.

You can print a test label before you start creating actual labels, to ensure your printer settings are configured correctly for the printer and label size you plan to use.

You do not need to connect a carrier account beforehand, but you will need to have an order (either imported from a store or manually created) and a Ship From Location. You can use the default USPS service options that are available right away from the Service drop-down menu.

To create and print a test label:

  1. Create or import an order into your ShipStation account.

  2. Set up a Ship From Location, if you have not already done so.

  3. Select the order in the grid or open its Order Details screen.

  4. Set a weight for the order.

  5. Select one of the USPS services from the Service drop-down menu.

  6. Select a package type.

    ShipStation will then display the rate for the shipment and you'll see an alert message that includes a Print a Test Label button above the configuration options.

  7. Click the Print a Test Label button.

    The Print Preview window will appear. From here you can choose to print through your browser or download the label to print using your preferred PDF viewer.

    • To print through your browser, select the printer icon in the preview screen. Then select the printer you wish to print to.

    • To download the label and print through your PDF viewer, click the Download button. Then open the label in your preferred PDF viewer and print like you normally would.

ShipStation Connect Option

The Print through ShipStation Connect option requires further setup, but is the most efficient way to print with ShipStation.

Review the ShipStation Connect article for details on how to setup and use ShipStation Connect.

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