What's New in ShipStation?

We want to keep you up to date as we release new features and update ShipStation's functionality. This release information focuses on what's new and what's changed in ShipStation's new layout. To review a summary of how the new layout differs from ShipStation Legacy, please review the Moving from ShipStation Legacy to the New Layout help article.

New Features

We are excited to show you the new features ShipStation has to offer! If you'd like to take advantage of these new features but are still using the ShipStation Legacy interface, please contact us to let us know that you'd like to migrate to the new ShipStation experience.

Package Description Field Required when Shipping to Mexico

In January of 2023, the Mexican Tax Authority adopted the Carta Porte requirements, which mandate that all shipments to and within Mexico include a Package Description field that accurately describes the contents of the shipment. This description is in addition to the customs forms item descriptions and applies no matter which carrier you are shipping with.

UPS shipments to Mexico will begin requiring this field on March 20, 2023. The Mexican Tax Authority will begin enforcing Carta Porte on all shipments in Mexico on August 1, 2023.

ShipStation has added a Package Description field that will appear in your Shipping Sidebar for shipments destined to Mexico.


Please review our Shipping to Mexico help article for additional details.

New Requirements for International Shipping to the EU

Effective March 1, 2023, the European Union has implemented new requirements for shipments entering EU member countries:

These changes are part of the EU's ICS2 reform and apply to all shipments, no matter which carrier you ship with. Failure to comply with these requirements could result in delays to your shipment as well as fines or penalty fees.

For more details about this change, how it might affect your shipping, and for answers to a few frequently asked questions, please read our recent blog post about it.

To learn how to add HS Codes to and update item descriptions in ShipStation, please read our Shipping to the EU help article.

ShipStation Carriers: Improved Interface

We have updated ShipStation Carriers (formerly ShipStation Carrier Services or ShipStation One Balance) for a more seamless experience enabling and managing your carrier accounts and postage fund balance. The new Shipping > Carriers settings page is available in all countries.


Admin users and users with purchasing permission will be able to view the account’s ShipStation Balance and add funds from the account drop-down menu.


Prior-Month Releases

The following updates were released in January and February of 2023.

Combine Order Alerts

We've updated the combine order alerts so that you are more consistently notified when multiple orders have the same address and customer ID.

Previously for some merchants, the Combine Order alerts were not appearing with new orders that met the criteria.

CSV Order Import Automated Field Mapping

Name the column headers in your CSV import file exactly the same as the ShipStation Field names and the field mapping drop-downs will automatically set so that you will not need to manually select an option for every column header.

Display 50 Orders or Shipments

You now have the option to view 50 orders or shipments per page on the Order and Shipment Grid.


Support for Cubiscan Dimensioners

ShipStation Connect version 4.4 was released on January 19 and includes support for Cubiscan models 110, 125, 150, and 225.

ShipStation Mobile Insights

We added a Top Selling Products by Revenue sales report to Insights on ShipStation mobile (Android).

Access ShipStation University from the Help Menu

You can now access ShipStation University from the Help drop-down menu. The link appears at the bottom of the menu.

In addition, links to web based resources within the Help menu will now open in a new browser window so that you are not taken away from ShipStation.


Display Subscription Discounts

You will now see if you have a discount applied to your ShipStation subscription on the Payments & Subscription screen.


Order Details: Shipment Activity Improvements

  • When you assign an order to one of your ShipStation users, the Order Details' Shipment Activity will now log and show the new assignee. This ability lets you easily see if an order was reassigned from one user to another.

  • When you select a different Provider or select a different Service under the same provider, the Shipment Activity log will now show these changes. This ability allows you to see what provider or service was changed, when, and by which ShipStation user.


Orders Page: Truncated Text for Reduced Browser Width

We've improved the Orders page for all statuses (Awaiting Payment, On Hold, Awaiting Shipment, etc.) so that when you reduce the browser window width, text in the drop-down buttons (button names) will show correctly. Text in the drop-down buttons will be truncated if too long and will show with an ellipsis (...) with a hover title.