What's New in ShipStation?

We want to keep you up to date as we release new features and improve ShipStation's functionality. This release information highlights what's new or changed in ShipStation recently.

Updated Functionality

The following enhancements have been released for existing ShipStation features:

Support for Kilogram

For new UK, AU, and NZ merchants, Kilograms are supported as a unit of weight measurement. This should be more in-line with the standards of most carriers.

Customs Field Description for Commercial Invoices

We have increased the character limit to 100 characters for the customs description field for each item in the declarations section. Previously, it was limited to 35 characters and descriptions on shipments were getting cut off for some line items despite the carrier having no limitations to descriptions.

Using FirstMile

We have updated our integration with FirstMile, now allowing you to declare your shipment contains Dangerous Goods.

Prior-Month Releases

The following updates were released in December of 2023 or earlier.

Side-By-Side Rate Comparison in the Rate Browser

The Rate Browser now allows you to compare rates side-by-side for connected carriers. The All Rates view shows the recommended service and then the rates from cheapest to most expensive.

Rate Browser All Rates view with the All Rates drop-down highlighted.

Ship From Drop-Down Added to Rate Browser

You can now select a postal code from a saved Ship From address or create a new Ship From address when using the Rate Browser.