How does the USMCA affect my international shipping?

The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement is the treaty that replaced NAFTA on July 1st, 2020.

The new de minimis value threshold is a major change that may affect ShipStation users. De minimis is the minimum value of goods item below which no duties and/or taxes are assessed by Customs.


The thresholds below are for shipments entering through an express/commercial clearance method and not a postal one, where the threshold remains $20 CAD.

The new de minimis value thresholds for commercial shipments into the United States (US), Canada (CA) and Mexico (MX):

  • The new Mexico de minimis threshold is $117USD for duty and $50USD for taxes.

  • The new Canada de minimis threshold is 150CAD for duty and 40CAD for taxes, only for shipments exported directly from the U.S. or MX (for CA only).

  • The U.S. de minimis threshold for importation remains at $800USD.

For shipments traveling via a postal method (like the USPS), the threshold is $300.

  • If the value of the merchandise is $300 USD or less, it is free of any tax or duty under most circumstances. A commercial invoice is preferred, but not required for merchandise valued up to $300 USD.

  • For merchandise with a value over $300 USD and up to $1,000 USD, duties and taxes may apply and a commercial invoice is required.

For more details about these updates, please review our recent blog post: Upcoming International Changes: USMCA, Packet Rates, and More.

ShipStation still allows you to print commercial invoices for your international shipments. However, other forms your shipments may require (like USMCA forms) cannot be printed through ShipStation. Forms not provided through ShipStation must be created and printed outside of ShipStation and included with your shipment according to the carrier's standards. Please contact your specific carrier for further details.

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