How can I automatically set package weight and dimensions?

Use Automation Rules to set the package dimensions or add weight based on various criteria, such as number of products in the order or tags present on the order.

Below are some examples of automation rules that adjust the weight or dimensions of an order's shipping information:

Add 3oz Weight to Every Order

This rule is typically used to add package weight to your orders. For example, you may know that regardless of which products are ordered, the box and filler you use weigh 3 oz. This rule would automatically add the weight so your total shipment weight is correct.

This example rule would be applied to all orders and add 3 oz to the total weight of the order.

Automation Rules. Example for adding weight in Imperial

Set the criteria to Apply these actions to Every order that is imported.

Add the action Adjust the Order weight and enter in a weight amount.

Set Rule to Ignore Orders Using Product Automation

For single-item, single-quantity orders, you can use Product Automation to determine package dimensions. However, these settings will not apply to orders with a quantity greater than 1.

Product Automation will, however, apply the product weight for multi-item orders.

If you want your automation rules to ignore any orders that have their dimensions set via Product Automation, include a criteria line of Total Quantity Greater Than 1.