Can I show the rates I get in ShipStation to my customers when they check out?

With four selling channels, Magento, Shopify , Wix, and Big Commerce, we can send live rates for customers at checkout.  See our Send Rates to Store Checkout article to learn more.

For other selling channels, ShipStation cannot send live rates for your customers to select at checkout at this time.

DHL Express Rates in Shopify

If you are shipping internationally with DHL Express via ShipStation Carrier Services and use Shopify as your selling channel, you have an additional option to show your customers the same rate DHL Express rates you have access to in ShipStation.

For further details and instructions, please review the Sync DHL Express Rates in Shopify Checkout in our ShipStation Carrier Services: DHL Express article.

Many selling channels provide access to plug-ins so you can provide live rates from your carrier account to your customers during the checkout process. You will need to contact your selling channel for details.

Stay tuned! We are working with our partners to expand these options soon!