How do I start using UPS from ShipStation?

With the recent increase in holiday shipping costs for some carriers and services, switching to UPS from ShipStation could help you save significantly on your shipping costs.

To start creating UPS Ground® labels using the UPS from ShipStation carrier option, you'll need to make some small changes to your workflow.

This article explains how to make these changes whether you configure your shipments manually, using presets, or with Automation Rules.

Set Manually Per Order

You can select UPS from ShipStation in the Shipping Sidebar for any individual order or group of selected orders.

To apply to a single order:

  1. Select the order you wish to configure.

  2. Click the Service drop-down in the Shipping Sidebar and choose UPS® Ground from the UPS from ShipStation section.

  3. Set your package type, weight, dimensions, and other shipping options as you normally would.

  4. Create and print the label.

To apply to multiple orders in bulk:

  1. Select the orders you wish to configure.

  2. Select Service from the Shipping Sidebar.

  3. Select UPS® Ground from the UPS from ShipStation section.

  4. Configure your other shipping options (weight, dimensions, etc) as needed.

  5. Click Update.

    ShipStation will apply the changes to all selected orders.

  6. Create and print your labels.

Update Presets To Use UPS from ShipStation

If you are still using ShipStation's Legacy Layout, you can either modify your existing presets or create new presets to apply the UPS® Ground service to your orders.

Coming Soon to ShipStation's New Layout!

If you've migrated to ShipStation's new layout or started your ShipStation account after January 1st, 2020, UPS from ShipStation will not appear in your preset's Service menu.

We are working to add this option to your presets as soon as possible!

To modify existing or create a new preset:

  1. Select an order in your Orders grid.

  2. Click Apply Preset from the Shipping Sidebar and choose Manage Presets.

    Apply Preset pop-up menu, Red box highlights available Presets
  3. Click Edit to edit an existing preset or click New Preset to create a new one.

  4. Name the preset and set a hotkey (if desired).

    Hotkeys allow you to apply a preset to a selected order by pressing a key combination on the keyboard rather than using the mouse.

  5. Edit or add the Shipping Service option to your preset. Select UPS® Ground under the UPS from ShipStation section.

  6. Edit or modify the other shipping options in the preset, if needed.

  7. Save your changes and click Done.

You can now apply the preset to selected orders by choosing it from the Apply Preset drop-down in the Shipping Sidebar or using the preset's hotkeys.

Update Your Automation Rules

If you currently use Automation Rules to assign shipping services and package types to your shipments, you can update the action on these rules to automatically assign UPS from ShipStation.

To update your Automation Rules:

  1. Go to Settings > Automation > Automation Rules.

    Settings Sidebar: Automation dropdown. Red box highlights Automation Rules option.
  2. Click Edit for the rule that sets your current shipping service.

  3. Change the Service for the rule's action to UPS® Ground.

    Be sure to select from under the UPS from ShipStation section.

  4. Click Save Rule.

  5. Repeat these steps for any other Automation Rule that needs the update Service type.

You do not need to adjust anything else about the rule. By only changing the Service selection, the rule will apply to all orders that meet the same criteria. The only change is the rule will apply UPS® Ground from ShipStation as the service type.

The updated rule will immediately start applying to orders as soon as they import. If you'd like to update the Service used by orders that previously imported into the Awaiting Shipment status, click the Reprocess Automation Rules button.