Connect a Client to 3PL Account

ShipStation's 3PL Provider Bundle allows 3PL networks the ability to connect their client's accounts to their ShipStation account for faster and easier shipment fulfillment. Through this connection, 3PLs can accept client orders into their account as well as fulfill their own orders if they have them. Additionally, 3PLs can use the client's shipping providers to ship the order (if they have arranged to do so with the client).

Once a client has been connected to your 3PL account, you can import orders delegated from your client as you would a direct store integration by clicking the Import icon Import icon, or Refresh-stores icon. Grey circular arrow symbol (clockwise), inside of a black square in the top right toolbar. Learn more about importing orders.

Client orders will appear in the Awaiting Shipments status in the Orders Grid.

To add the 3PL Provider Bundle to your subscription, follow these steps.


The following are needed to connect a client to a 3PL account:

  • A ShipStation 3PL Provider Bundle.

  • A client to fulfill orders for.

    ShipStation V3 Layout Required

    Clients must be using the ShipStation V3 layout to be able to accept a 3PL invitation.

Connecting a 3PL Client

  1. Click Selling Channels from the left-hand sidebar, then select Clients.

  2. Click the Add New Client button.

  3. Enter the client's name, Client-Facing Company name and email, then click Add Client.

    The Client Name can be a nickname as this is only used within your ShipStation account.

    The Client-facing Company Name is what the client will see associated with your company in ShipStation.

    The Email address must be the client's administrator email.



You cannot invite the same client twice.

The client will show as Pending in the client list until they have accepted the invite. Learn more about how a client can enable 3PL access.


Once the client has accepted the terms and connected their account, you will see the Client appear as Active.


Additional Details About Connecting a Client

  • The client service list in the Configure Shipment Widget is a general list of all services connected across all of your clients. If you select to use a service not connected to the client whose order you are fulfilling, you will see an error message that reads, "The shipping service is not valid because the client does not have a carrier account that supports it."

  • A 3PL can use its own carrier accounts to ship client orders.

  • By default, a marketplace notification will be sent when the shipping label is created from the 3PL account.

  • You can remove a client if they are in the Pending status, however, it is important to follow up with them regarding any outstanding fees or leftover products.

  • All order notes from a client account will appear in the 3PL account once the order has been delegated. This does not apply to integrated fulfillment providers.

Configure Shipment Widget
Configure Shipment Widget