Enable 3PL Access

ShipStation connects Third-Party Logistics (3PL) companies with their clients for easier visibility into order statuses and faster fulfillment. This connection is built on the relationship between 3PLs and their clients, giving access to client's orders and carrier services via the ShipStation app. Once your 3PL has requested to connect with their client, the client can grant the 3PL company access to orders for fulfillment.


  • A US-based ShipStation account

  • Latest version of ShipStation (V3)

  • At least one Ship From Location address set up.

Enable 3PL Access

When a 3PL invites you to connect, you can proceed with enabling access in two ways:

  • You will receive an email that includes a link to accept the invitation. Check your email for the 3PL invitation from ShipStation and click the Connect button in the message body.

  • From within your ShipStation account, under Settings go to Shipping>>Fulfillment Providers and click the Gray ellipsis and select Review Connection.


Check the box that confirms your understanding of the connection once you have reviewed the process, then click Approve Connection.


Once you've accepted the invitation, a message will appear confirming you are now connecting your carriers with your 3PL.


You can then begin to delegate orders to the 3PL from the Orders grid:


Marketplace Notifications

Marketplace notifications will be sent from the connected 3PL account when a shipping label is created.

Additional Details

  • Clients can use the Automation action Set Fulfillment Provider to automate the process of sending orders to be fulfilled by 3PL. Learn how to use Automation actions in this article.

  • When you send shipments to a 3PL via Automation Rules, we recommended that you import orders at least once a day to avoid missing any incoming orders from your store. Learn how to set your stores to auto-update for regular importing in this article.

  • Clients can view Inventory counts for 3PLs who use ShipStation inventory.

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