What are the SMS notification restrictions?

ShipStation partners with a third-party system to send SMS Tracking Notifications to your customers. ShipStation must comply with our partner's acceptable use policy and other messaging restrictions. This means there are some restricted words, terms, and phrases when using SMS messaging to notify your customers about their shipments. If your product names or company names set within ShipStation contain any of the restricted words, you will be unable to use the SMS notification feature. 

Restricted terminology includes specific banned words as well as words that fall within certain categories of use cases. The lists below provide several examples but are not exhaustive lists.

Banned Word Examples

  • Vape/Vapes

  • Cannabis, CBD, and related terms

  • Medibles

  • Kratom

Restricted Categories Examples

  • Illegal substances

  • Prescription drugs

  • Hate speech, harassment, abuse, or any communications that originate from a hate group

  • Sex

  • Firearms

  • Alcohol & tobacco

In particular, SMS messages related to the sale of cannabis and prescription medication are considered illegal in the United States under Federal Law. CBD is not legal in all states so it is not permissible to send SMS messages related to CBD products.

ShipStation will disable the SMS notification feature for accounts that ship CBD or cannabinoid products or otherwise violate these restrictions.

Our messaging partner occasionally updates their acceptable use policy, restricted categories, and banned words. ShipStation reviews each of these regularly and will alert you if your SMS notification feature for a specific store must be disabled or is eligible to be re-enabled.