ShipStation's integration with Uber is our first local delivery solution. You can use Uber to make same-day deliveries to your local customers.

Uber Integration Requirements

Connection Requirements:

  • An active account with Uber.

  • Authentication Key and Customer ID

  • Set Pickup Instructions on a Ship From Location

Connect an Uber Account to ShipStation

To connect your Uber account to ShipStation:

  1. Select the Uber tile and click Connect.

  2. Enter your Uber Authentication Key, Customer ID, and Signature Secret.


    Contact Uber Support

    You will need to contact Uber Support for your Authentication Key, CustomerID and Signature Secret.

  3. Click Connect.

Available Features for Uber Integration

ShipStation's integration with Uber supports the following standard local carrier features:



Estimated Rates

Green checkmark. Supported feature. Yes.

Rate Calculator

Red X mark. Unsupported feature. No.

Real-Time Tracking

Green checkmark. Supported feature. Yes.

Multi-package Shipping

Green checkmark. Supported feature. Yes.

Driver Tipping

Green checkmark. Supported feature. Yes.

Void/Cancel Delivery

Green checkmark. Supported feature. Yes.

Proxy Phone Number

Green checkmark. Supported feature. Yes.

Multiple Accounts

Green checkmark. Supported feature. Yes.

Additional Features for Uber

ShipStation's integration with Uber allows for the following additional features:



Types of Pickups Supported


Supported Services

Local Delivery

How Frequently Rates Change/expire

Uber rates are subject to change multiple times a day, which means the rate when you schedule may not match the estimated rate seen prior to scheduling.

Order Sidebar Rate Calculator

Uber does not support use of the toolbar rate calculator. However, the order rate calculator in the Shipping Sidebar will show you Uber rates.


Pickup Settings for Local Delivery Carriers

When you connect a local delivery service such as Uber to ShipStation, your Ship From Locations include an additional setting for establishing the pickup schedule and contact.

Local Delivery Carriers Only

Pickup Settings will only be available if you have connected a local delivery carrier service like Uber.

  1. Click the Action menu by the location and select Edit Pickup Settings.

  2. Set a primary Pickup Contact for drivers, Available Hours and Days, preferred time for Pickup, Pick and Pack Time frame, and any additional notes for drivers.

  3. Click Save Changes to finish.

Set Available Hours to Accommodate Possible Returns

The hours for pickup service should be when your store doors are open and someone is available for the pickup driver to interact with.

We recommend ending your pickup service one hour before close to accommodate any possible returns made by your customers.

Additional Details About the Uber Integration

  • No insurance options are available for Uber shipments.

  • Voiding labels in ShipStation can cancel the delivery with Uber. However, the normal Uber restrictions apply based on whether a delivery person has been assign or not.

    • Cancel order with no delivery person assigned: no charge

    • Cancel order with a delivery person assigned but pickup not yet complete: $5 fee

    • Cancel order with a delivery person assigned and pickup is complete: full delivery fee

  • The Rate Calculator in the toolbar does not work with Uber. However, the rate calculator within an order will display Uber rates.

  • ShipStation's Uber integration does not import dimensions.

  • Order shipped with Uber will not use the Branded Tracking Page. The Tracking # link in your customer's confirmation email will automatically direct them to the Uber tracking page.

  • Return shipments are not support with local delivery at this time. Returns cannot be delivered via Uber.