Return Labels Using Google Merchant Center

When you link ShipStation as a shipping provider in Google Merchant Center, return labels created by your customers for US-domestic shipments will use the postage providers you’ve connected to ShipStation.

Any return labels created in this way will appear in your ShipStation Shipments > Returns grid so you can track the return shipment directly in your ShipStation account and include it in any Returns reports you run.

Label fees will be charged to your accounts the same way they do when you create your return labels in ShipStation. That is, when using a balance-based provider (like UPS from ShipStation), the label fee will be automatically deducted from your provider balance. When using a post-billed provider, the label fees will appear on your provider’s monthly invoice.

Review Google’s Switch how you manage your Buy on Google returns (US only) help article for more details on managing your return settings in the Merchant Center.

Link Google Merchant Center to ShipStation

To create ShipStation return labels in the Google Merchant Center, you must first link ShipStation as a shipping provider to your Merchant center account.

  1. Log in to your Merchant Center account.

  2. Click Linked accounts from the "Settings" menu.

  3. Click the Platforms tab.

  4. Click the plus button to choose a platform that you want to link to your Merchant Center account.

  5. Select ShipStation from the list of available carriers.

    You'll be prompted to log into your ShipStation account to authorize the connection. Once you have logged in, continue to the next step.

  6. Click Add shipping provider.

  7. Check the “Status” column to see if your accounts have been successfully linked.

Your customers can now create return labels in your Google Merchant Center account using your ShipStation-connected postage providers.

View Return Labels in ShipStation

You can view the return labels in the Returns section of the Shipments page in ShipStation.


From here you can view and update tracking, void the label, mark as received, or even print the label if needed. If the selected service provides automatic tracking, the label will automatically update from Outstanding to Received. If the service does not provide automatic tracking, you can also manually mark returns as Received.

Notes About Google Merchant Return Labels

  • You must use Merchant-Managed returns to create ShipStation return labels in the Google Merchant Center.

  • Return labels can only be created for domestic shipments in the US. International return labels are not supported at this time.